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Being raised in both Uruguay and United States and having visited several different countries, Norman has a remarkable cultural knowledge. Throughout his young age he was influenced by several outstanding art teachers, such as Vivienne Petman and Ginny Miller, from which he did not only acquire art techniques but also personal support.


Norman Molinari has studied Fine Arts in Orlando Florida, USA. From an early age, he has already participated in various competitions, where he was awarded important prizes. Within the years 2002 to 2006 he received several first place titles, among them the "Kissimmee Art Foundation", "Lake Brantley Fine Arts Gallery" and Warner Southern College Annual Exhibition.


Norman Has also had many solo and group exhibitions.  In 2003 he participated in his first one, where selected Lake Mary HS artists had the honor to exhibit.  It took place at AAA Heathrow Center in Orlando Florida, USA. In 2005 he had his second group exhibition, sharing it with artist Alejandro Dominguez. It took place at the University of Warner Southern College in Lake Wales Florida, USA. Maybe one of the best experiences Norman had in his youth was in 2004, where he was selected to represent the State of Florida for the annual White House exhibition in Washington DC. He was awarded with the second prize.


In the year 2006 Norman, along with his family, moved to Valencia, Spain, where he met talented artists such as the well known ceramist Xavier Monsalvatje and painter Alex Alemany. He has been working on his artistic talent since then, preparing his work to be shown to the world.  Yet, it was not until February 2012 that he got his first solo exhibition in Spain, "Visions...and Other Speculations". It was held in the Rocafort (Valencia) Town Hall.  It was such a success that in March and April of 2012 he had his well received works of art exhibited at the Moncada (Valencia) art exhibition Space. At the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 Norman's oil painting "Angels" was selected to take part of the Moncada Biennial art exhibition.


Norman is currently working on his upcoming projects.

Artist Statement

I interpret both personal feelings and those of others. There are many souls, including my own, waiting to be released. Hoping that their own bodies give the command to get discovered to express the harsh reality that humanity does not accept. People, who for fear of what someone else might think, do not dare to bare their souls.


In analyzing my work, these souls try to communicate with their own bodies, making the whole feel identified. Each trying to describe themselves through the corresponding work. I want to create a world

where human beings feel free to express themselves, where there is no discrimination, where the person is accepted as is and not  for what they have or how well they lie. I want the critic not only criticize the beauty of the colors and / or technique, but to know how to communicate with my work, knowing how to listen to it and not only speak about it.


I create pieces from death and depression, to life and happiness, even with both.


My objective is for those who feel alluded, to be able through my work to know how to untie themselves from such a tight knot.

Xavier Monsalvatje`s Review On The Art Of Norman

Focused on feelings in the paintings of Norman Molinari, we can find a dream world that transports us to places where different elements of Surrealism coexist. His works reflect pieces of his real life with images of an indecipherable landscape of a fleeting glance.


Surprisingly, the nature in some paintings wraps his characters in dynamic compositions, the point of view focusing on the places where the artist wants us to look. A subjectified nature at the same time is revealed protective and threatening, perhaps produced by symbiotic cultural crossover from which Molinari comes . These multicultural roots could take him close to the newly classified American pop surrealist, of which Robert Williams and Mark Ryden are clear examples, although the mystical atmosphere that permeates some of his work by the use of iconography of certain sacramental character,  approaches a more classical aesthetic.


But this restless, tenacious and sensitive spirit of Norman Molinari, accurately captures the ease and the soul of the person portrayed, moving in a definite technique, structured and developed, ultimately, the pictorial work of this young artist promises an interesting development in the future .



Xavier Monsalvatje

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